What is Business Continuity Services?

Once our customers have incorporated locally with our help, the final area that Asia Market Entry provides guidance is with the transition of activities to your new team.

During this phase, we advise our customers on the relocation process of their employees that will move to the region and also assist in the recruitment of local staff.

Once the new team is in place, we then ensure a smooth handover of business development activities takes place in order to provide the best possible platform from which our customers can continue their growth into the Asia region.

This broadly covers these services


Relocation of Permanent Staff

Customers often consider the relocation of existing staff members to Asia to continue the business development effort services started by Asia Market Entry. In this scenario, we cover the following:

  • Suitable local employment package advice

  • Physical relocation advice

  • Housing advice

  • Schools advice

  • Visa advice

New Employee Search and Selection

Not all companies that decide to setup in Singapore will be able to relocate staff to the region for a number of reasons.

In this scenario, Asia Market Entry can assist in the hiring process locally in Singapore. Based on the extensive experience gathered in Phase Two – Business Development Services, this is a seamless task for us to perform. We do this in person, and in Singapore, thereby providing only a qualified list of candidates to our customers. Ultimately, our customers take responsibility of recruiting an individual, but we are able to remove a lot of that burden for you, by:

  • Liaising with local recruitment companies

  • Initial screening of candidate CVs

  • Conduct first qualification interviews with a view to our customers then taking the process up from there.

Business Handover

Once your new team is established in the region, and having owned all business development in the region until this point, Asia Market Entry will hand over all business development activity carried out previously. This comes in many forms and includes:

  • Direct prospect and existing customers relationship handover

  • Channel partner relationship handover

  • Marketing and lead generation activity handover

  • Pipeline and sales forecast handover

  • Migration of all existing business activity and records to your CRM system, including contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and so on.