Phase 1.
Business Strategy

Business Strategy services is our Phase One product and usually takes 1 — 3 months to complete, the deliverable being a Go-To-Market plan which is mutually agreed to before moving in the Business Development Services phase. This can sometimes entail a review process for customers that already have a Go-To-Market plan for the Asia Pacific region already established.

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Phase 2.
Business Development

Once the Go-To-Market plan is agreed at the end of Phase One, we move onto our next phase—Business Development services, which typically takes 12 — 18 months to complete. During this time, we commit to executing upon the tasks within the Go-To-Market plans and being your physical and local representation on the ground. In this phase, we drive pipeline growth, build a channel eco-system and attempt to drive your first deals in the region to completion.

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Phase 3.
Company Incorporation

Our goal is to generate enough pipeline within 12 — 18 months of business development services that our customers see enough potential in the Asia Market that they are ready to incorporate locally somewhere in Asia and build a local team. Once that decision is made, we move into Phase Three of our products — Company Incorporation Services, where we provide our customers with local administration and co-ordination of setting up a local entity in-region.

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Phase 4.
Business Continuity

Finally, and the final phase of our products, in order to maintain continuity from our business development efforts, we provide Business Continuity Services. In this phase, once the local business entity is established, we help our customers to hire a local team and navigate the local recruitment and/or relocation process. Once the local team is in place, we will then ensure a complete business handover is carried out to the new team, and be certain that all ongoing business development records and activities are transitioned to the new team seamlessly.

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