What are our Business Strategy Services?

Business Strategy Services is the first of four (4) phased products that Asia Market Entry provides. During this phase, we

  • Understand our customers’ objectives for the region

  • Understand what is required to meet those objectives

  • Help our customers to identify which products should be sold to which market within the region

  • Assess the value for each product in each region and help set regional pricing accordingly

  • Analyse the barriers to entry

  • Assess each of the target countries within the region and provide commentary based on local market research

  • Identify target customers and channel partners

  • Provide an assessment on how our customers should approach the identified target countries within the region in order to build a pipeline.




A Go-To-Market Plan — a mutually agreed and highly detailed document from which the next phase of services — Business Development Services, can be based on. In some cases, our customers may already have a Go-To-Market plan for the region, so in this instance, we are able to review that document and make further recommendations and adjustments as necessary.