Why do I need Company Incorporation Services?

On completion of a successful Business Development Services Phase, with a strong new Asia pipeline, and the market potential clearly understood, our customers are then encouraged to incorporate locally in Singapore and take advantage of some of the many benefits. (Find out more)

This also marks the start of our customers setting up their own sales operation in the region. As a one-stop shop, Asia Market Entry is able to facilitate this process locally on the ground, providing these services


Company Incorporation

Completion of the necessary paperwork to set the company up in Singapore as a legal local entity, either as a branch office, a subsidiary office or representative office.

Office Address

Assistance in establishing a new office address or PO Box, including guidance in finding the right office location.

Employment Pass

Assistance in applying for employment passes for would-be applicants that are relocated by our customers to the region.

Nominee Directorship

Provision of a permanent local resident to act as a nominee director of the new local entity. This is a pre-requisite to establishing a presence in Singapore.

Company Secretary

Assistance with the filing of local Annual General Meeting minutes and tax returns, both of which are also pre-requisites to setting up a legal entity in Singapore.

Legal Advice

Assistance with a variety of legal matters associated to setting up locally in Singapore, including employment law, local shareholder agreements and tax law.

Bank Account Creation

Assistance in opening up a local bank account with a fixed amount of capital. This is another pre-requisite of foreign companies setting up in Singapore and which requires a permanent resident to do so.