How important is partnering in Asia?

May 17, 2023
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How important is partnering in Asia?

How important is partnering in Asia?

Drive growth and success in your Software as a Service (SaaS) company by building and nurturing a strong partner ecosystem.

A partner ecosystem is a network of third-party companies and individuals that work together to provide complementary products, services, and solutions to customers. This can include resellers, integrators, consultants, and technology partners, among others. In this white paper, we will discuss the benefits of building a partner ecosystem, strategies for identifying and recruiting partners, and best practices for managing and nurturing relationships with partners.

Four Main Benefits of Building a Partner

1. Increased reach: Partners can help expand a SaaS company's reach by introducing its products and services to new customers and market segments.

2. Increased sales: Partners can help drive additional sales by reselling a SaaS company's products and services and providing related services such as implementation, customization, and training.

3. Increased innovation: Partners can help a SaaS company stay on the leading edge of innovation by bringing new ideas, technologies, and solutions to the table.

4. Reduced costs: Partners can help a SaaS company reduce costs by taking on tasks such as marketing, lead generation, and customer support.

Best Practice for Identifying and Recruiting Partners

To identify potential partners, a SaaS company should consider the following factors:    • Compatibility: Does the potential partner's products, services, or solutions complement those of the SaaS company?

   • Market fit: Does the potential partner serve the same or similar markets as the SaaS company?

   • Resources: Does the potential partner have the resources (i.e. personnel, expertise, and finances) to be an effective partner?

   • Establish criteria for evaluating potential partners: Once potential partners have been identified, a SaaS company should establish criteria for evaluating them. This can include factors such as: Financial stability Technical expertise Sales and marketing capabilities Customer references

   • Recruitment process: Once potential partners have been evaluated, a SaaS company should develop a recruitment process that includes:

   • Initial contact

   • Presentation of partnership opportunity

   • Discussion of expectations, responsibilities, and benefits

   • Negotiations and agreement

The Importance of Managing and Nurturing Partner Relationships

Regular communication: To maintain effective relationships with partners, a SaaS company should establish regular communication channels and schedules. Joint marketing and sales efforts: SaaS company and partners should work together to develop and execute marketing and sales campaigns that target specific markets and customer segments.Collaboration on product development: SaaS company and partners should collaborate on product development to ensure that new products and features meet the needs of both parties and their customers. Training and support: SaaS company should provide training and support to partners to ensure they are able to effectively sell, implement, and support the SaaS company's products and services. Performance measurement: SaaS company should establish performance measurement processes to track the success of the partnership and identify areas for improvement.


Building and nurturing a strong partner ecosystem can be a critical driver of growth and success in the SaaS industry. By identifying and recruiting compatible partners, developing and managing effective relationships, and working together on joint marketing, sales, and product development efforts, a SaaS company can increase reach, drive additional sales, stay at the forefront of innovation, and reduce costs.