Co Selling with Microsoft Bootcamp

Helping Microsoft ISV’s get the most of the Co-Sell Program

What Pain Points will we address?

“I don’t have time or resource to dedicate to understanding how Microsoft operates”

“How do I differentiate myself from other ISV’s and get Microsoft’s attention?”

“There are so many acronyms and it is such a complex organizational structure to navigate”

“How do I ensure my marketing plan aligns with Microsoft’s planning and budgeting schedule?”

What you will learn?

  1. Understand the CoSell Program
  2. Understand why ISV’s need Microsoft & Microsoft needs you
  3. Understand Microsoft-speak, the organizational structure and glossary of terms
  4. Understand how to sell with Microsoft and reduce number of meetings
  5. Understand what it takes to drive pipeline and grow CoSell revenue
  6. Understand how to market with Microsoft

Course outline


CoSell Overview & What this means for you as an ISV


Selling with Microsoft


Marketing with Microsoft

This  course will cut through the vast amount of information available to you being part of the Cosell program and axplain what goes into selling with Microsoft at a deal level

You will learn from our experience & success

Delivery Methods

1 day onsite or 3 remote sessions of 2 hours online