The city state of Singapore has established itself as the gateway to Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as other Asia Pacific markets for foreign companies. Offering foreign companies access to an English speaking business environment, highly skilled workforce, and the single most business friendly legal and tax system in the World, Singapore is the ideal starting point for companies seeking to expand into the Asia Pacific region. Singapore’s stringent IP protection in comparison to other countries in the region also makes it a particularly attractive country to setup in for software companies.

Rooftop Pool, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Rooftop Pool, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Strategic Location

With Singapore located in the heart of Asia, its position offers unlimited commercial business potential for companies looking to establish a footprint in Asia. Companies in Singapore have access to an open market of four billion people in the Asia region.

IP Protection

Singapore markets itself as the next Silicon Valley and is at the forefront of intellectual property protection. IP Holders register their patents in their country, but Singapore is also a signatory to most intellectual property patents. The technology contained within the country is therefore secure.

Skilled Labour

With officially the best education system in the World, Singapore also has one of the best and highly skilled workforces in the World, ensuring investors that in no way should business ever suffer from the lack of a qualified workforce.

Transport Links

The Transport structures to the outside World are highly developed. The Port of Singapore and Changi International Airport have helped to set Singapore up as a transportation hub, creating a target rich environment for high business value software companies.

Quality of Life

Singapore offers some of the best living conditions and income levels in the World. A robust amenties and public services infrastructure means that Singapore is an attractive proposition as a relocation destination, and can therefore attract the World’s best talent.

Favourable Tax

Singapore has some of the lowest tax rates in the region meaning it always rates highly as a location for investment. The Singapore government also provides numerous tax incentives to drive growth. Singapore is regularly ranked number one in the World for ease of doing business.

Immigration Law

The Singapore government is very pro-business, a fact that is seen in the country’s flexible immigration laws. Getting a work pass for a foreigner is relatively straightforward on the provision that the applicant has the requisite credentials.

English Speaking

Singapore uses English as the first language of business and as a result has become a decision making hub for both large domestic companies as well as multinational companies that have a presence across the Asia Pacific region.

Lack of Bureaucracy

From immigration and employment law to business registration policies, Singapore remains one of the least bureaucratic countries in the entire Asia Pacific region meaning that companies can setup and begin trading quickly.