IWD2024 at Asia Market Entry: Showcasing Women Leaders Shaping the Future of AI, Education, Sports and Beyond

Mar 9, 2024
Asia Market Entry
IWD2024 at Asia Market Entry: Showcasing Women Leaders Shaping the Future of AI, Education, Sports and Beyond

Our IWD2024 online feature celebrates the inspiring stories of a diverse group of women who are driving change and innovation in their respective fields. From Leslie Sarma's tech advocacy across continents, to Tang Qing's contributions to advancements in AI, and Liying Lim's impact in e-learning, these women embody the spirit of empowerment and strength in diversity. This special feature series shines a light on their journeys, offering insights into the power of investing in women to accelerate progress across the globe.

This International Women's Day (IWD) 2024, beyond our in-person event co-organised with Stellar Elements, Asia Market Entry is proud to profile the remarkable journeys of these trailblazing women. Each of these leaders has not only made significant contributions to their respective fields but also embodies the spirit of this year's theme, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.

  • Tang Qing: A pioneer in AI and Senior Researcher at INTERX, Tang Qing brings a lifelong passion for autonomous technologies into practical solutions, championing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and leveraging her multilingual skills for global collaboration.
  • Leslie Sarma: From lawyer to tech advocate, Leslie's transcontinental career journey underscores the power of adaptability and the importance of diversity in fostering innovation in the tech ecosystem.
  • Mimi Giraud: With a rich career across tech and wine education, Mimi is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing passions and empowering women across industries.
  • Supriya Jain: As a digital marketing entrepreneur, Supriya leverages her tech background to create impactful marketing strategies while championing gender equity in the workplace.
  • Linda Kuan: Founder of Sewing Hearts, Linda challenges stereotypes and empowers women of all ages through the art of sewing, proving that traditional skills can lead to impactful community service.
  • Puah Jing Wen: AME Senior Business Development Advisor and Co-founder of Soccer Girl Goals, Jing Wen combines her passion for football with her skills honed in the tech sector to empower women in sports and beyond.
  • Liying Lim: Head of Sales for APAC at Go1, Liying transitioned from HR to tech, driven by a passion for education. Her leadership in e-learning reflects a commitment to diversifying tech and empowering women through education and mentorship.
  • Amanda Dew: Group Director, Talent Acquisition & DEI at Property Guru Group, Amanda revolutionized the way the company approaches diversity and talent management. Her strategic focus on gender equity and inclusive culture has markedly enhanced women's representation in leadership, elevating standards for the tech industry.

Through these women's stories, Asia Market Entry aims to inspire and encourage further investment in women's leadership and innovation across the globe. Their journeys highlight the diversity of paths to empowerment and the universal impact of supporting women in achieving their full potential.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and learn more about their inspiring stories through our IWD2024 online feature series:

We hope you enjoy each of their unique stories and share them with your network to inspire more women and allies out there!