IWD2024 Online Feature Series - Liying Lim: Empowering Tech and E-Learning with Inclusive Leadership

Mar 8, 2024
Asia Market Entry
IWD2024 Online Feature Series - Liying Lim: Empowering Tech and E-Learning with Inclusive Leadership

This International Women's Day 2024, the team at Asia Market Entry reached out to the women in our network who are leaders in their various fields, ranging from AI to wine education. Liying Lim is Head of Sales APAC at Go1, the largest curated eLearning library from top training providers offered in a single subscription. Read on for her journey and her unique interpretation of the #IWD2024 Theme of Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.

In the spirit of International Women's Day 2024, themed "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress," we interviewed various women leaders in the region. In this feature, we delve into the journey of Liying Lim, a leader in the tech and e-learning industries who exemplifies the power of education and empowerment in paving the way for women in technology. In her conversation with us, she shared about the impact of mentorship and education but also the significance of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation and growth.

Introduction and Background

Liying’s path to the tech industry is an unconventional one. Influenced by an inspiring teacher during her school years, Liying started out in HR then pivoted towards the tech world, driven by a passion for education. This transition happened six years ago when a colleague recommended LinkedIn Learning, a platform that aligned with her educational aspirations. Despite her non-tech background, Liying’s diverse experiences in HR, accounting and finance have enabled her to bring a fresh perspective to the industry, particularly in refining the sales process and fostering relationships, talent management, and solution-driven outcomes.

Leadership and Growth in Tech & Education

As the Head of Sales for APAC at Go1, Liying has witnessed first-hand the evolving demand for e-learning across the region, especially in professional development. Her leadership role involves educating counterparts on the distinct needs of different markets within APAC and tailoring strategies to meet these diverse requirements. Liying’s insights into the varying sophistication levels and trends in the local markets, such as the utilisation of government funding for upskilling, highlight her strategic approach to expanding e-learning's reach and impact.

Empowering Women in Tech and Education

Reflecting on the theme of International Women's Day 2024, Liying's career journey embodies the essence of investing in women and girls. Her experiences, from addressing the prohibitive cost of sanitary items in India when she was at Proctor & Gamble, to supporting returning mothers during the COVID pandemic, illustrate the myriad ways in which women can be empowered through targeted interventions. At Go1, Liying champions diversity and inclusion, striving for a gender-balanced team that mirrors the real world and advocating for true initiatives that pushes for diversity and inclusion rather than box-ticking exercises.

Overcoming Challenges

Navigating the tech sectors as a woman in leadership has presented its challenges for Liying, yet her resilience and determination shine through. She has faced and overcome moments of adversity, leveraging these experiences to advocate for more than just gender representation, aspiring to be recognised for her capabilities. Liying's enthusiasm for the opportunities in tech and education, particularly in the APAC region, demonstrates her commitment to driving change and innovation.

Vision for the Future

When asked for advice that she would give to young women aspiring to leadership roles, Liying emphasises the importance of seeking mentorship. In her interactions with a lot of younger girls and women, she noticed that one’s worldview is often an outcome of their life circumstance and she believes that helping broaden one’s horizons to realise one’s potential is the role that a mentor can play.

Liying Lim's take on this International Women's Day theme provides us with an APAC view on the impact of investing in women's education and empowerment. Her continued evolving journey through the tech, e-learning and various industries serve as an inspiration for current women as well as future generations.