Should you have a presence on the ground vs servicing Asia remotely?

Jan 10, 2024
Asia Market Entry
Should you have a presence on the ground vs servicing Asia remotely?

Asia's booming software market demands investment: build trust with local resellers for 24/7 support and market fit to outpace domestic rivals.

Asia is a strong growth market for software, with large populations of tech literate early adopters. Showing investment commitment in the Asian region is vital for success. This goes for both investment into gaining end customers and investing in reseller partners.

Since the early 90’s, it has been possible to sell software solutions into Asia from a distance via fly-in-fly-out sales people and senior managers. However, this approach in isolation is no longer enough. 

Some of the common challenges we see for software vendors attempting to enter the market remotely include not being able to support end customers from a distance, and failing to adapt their product enough to meet local market requirements.

Asia as a region has advanced significantly with the emergence of an entire new ecosystem of domestic startups. This has increased competition for international software vendors especially in markets like Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. To be competitive, it’s important for international companies to invest time building trust locally to increase credibility vs domestic solutions.

In our experience, buyers in APAC are likely to choose a vendor with a local presence that has a 24/7 in-region customer support function, with whom they also have along-term, trusting relationship. Local reseller partners can offer that through their established networks, credibility and technical knowhow.

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